Noam Chomsky has nothing to do with this site -- well, other than inspiring it. He is quoted extensively on the site, with links to all source material. His main site, with its own search function (at the the bottom of the page), is here. Or, use the 'site:' function of Google -- for instance, to search that site for the phrase 'nobody is going to pour truth into your brain'.
This site aims to answer all your questions as Chomsky would, based on how he has answered identical, similar, or even completely different, questions in the past.
The creators don't always agree with Chomsky, but rest assured, where we disagree, we are sure that we are wrong, so this site strives to be true to Chomsky's actual words, and in any situation where there might be some ambiguity or confusion -- like in areas where Chomsky likes to use his sardonic humor (always) -- to be true to the spirit/meaning/intent of his words.
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