Term Definition
dissident a person who publicly disagrees with and criticizes his or her government (e.g. politicial dissidents)
dissidence the act of publicly disagreeing with and criticizing the government or a powerful person or group
grassroots Coming from the ordinary people in a society or an organization, especially a political party. Ordinary people like workers, white collar and blue collar, young and old, etc., but not necessarily the leaders of the society/organization/party -- not the presidents, or politicians, or judges, or CEOs, or etc.
mass popular action A massive chunk (mass popular) of the population taking part in a sustained series of actions (action) over a period of days, weeks, months, years, decades, or more.
mass popular movement A very large group, or group of groups/associations, of people engaging in action in support of some cause/policy.
mass popular support When a very large percentage of the population (mass popular) wants to see some policy enacted, then that policy is said to have 'popular support', or, in the case of overwhelming popular support, 'mass popular support'. The level of support can be a plurality, majority, supermajority, etc.
neoliberalism the policy of supporting a large amount of freedom for markets, with little government control or spending, and low taxes