How do we end the war in Ukraine? (March 15, 2022)

ukraine war ukraine war
  • The US has to get involved in negotiations to end the war.
  • Presumably this is because the US effectively is NATO, so must lead or at least be included in any political solution. (??)

Title: Chomsky: Peace Talks in Ukraine “Will Get Nowhere” If US Keeps Refusing to Join URL:

Zelensky’s proposals considerably narrow the gap with Putin’s demands and provide an opportunity to carry forward the diplomatic initiatives that have been undertaken by France and Germany, with limited Chinese support. Negotiations might succeed or might fail. The only way to find out is to try. Of course, negotiations will get nowhere if the U.S. persists in its adamant refusal to join, backed by the virtually united commissariat, and if the press continues to insist that the public remain in the dark by refusing even to report Zelensky’s proposals.

Comment: The 'commissariat' (wiki) was probably Chomsky making fun of the US media for being so in sync with the US government's positions that they're even more regimented than whatever their equivalent would have been in the Soviet Union. In this case, the professional class of media and commentators all seem hellbent on either doing nothing to stop the war, or stoking it to burn hotter -- the media is not providing any opposition to the US government. The Press -- most often the NYTimes, since that is the most important paper in the US, thus probably the world -- probably barely mentioned Zelenskyy's massive statement that he was backing away from one or more of his key demands -- Nato membership for Ukraine, in particular.