• Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that his nation's concerns were not being taken seriously, that NATO expansion was an increasing threat to Russia, and he wanted real action on the matter, or else he would have to act -- presumably that act was attacking Ukraine.
  • According to international law, Putin did not have the right to attack, but he/Russia did and do have a real case -- NATO is a real threat to Russia, especially with its possible expansion to include Ukraine.
  • A solution is to not deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine that could strike Russia; Ukraine becomes neutral like Austria, and two nordic countries during the entire Cold War, Ukraine can align as closely to the EU economically as it likes, and Russia goes home.
  • The US has continued to push hard for the expansion of NATO to Ukraine, and thus the distinct possibility of this war -- we/The US want to control the world, which means controlling Russia's borders, among other things, and we're willing to whatever it takes to achieve that goal -- including war in at least Europe, and possible nuclear war, which could end organized human life on earth today as we know it.
  • The US has to get involved in negotiations to end the war.
  • Presumably this is because the US effectively is NATO, so must lead or at least be included in any political solution. (??)